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Monday, November 2, 2009

Name Change - How to's!

As a past bride, I understand some of the frustration involved in changing your name. So much so that it has taken me two years to finally get around to doing it! I was married in October of 2007 and just this past Friday decided it was about time to officially change my name. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in February and I figured it would be nice for us to all have the same last name. If only I had known how easy the whole process was, I would have done it a lot sooner. Maybe even two years sooner!

I found this great website that gave me step by step instructions for changing my name in CT. The website breaks the name change part into two sections: Primary and Secondary Name Change Notifications. You'll want to start with the Primary.

The main item that you will need for the name change is your marriage certificate. First, you will want to print and fill out a SS-5 Form. Then you take this completed form, along with your marriage certificate to a local Social Security Office. If you are going to be in Middletown (having just gotten married at the Wadsworth Mansion, of course) you are in luck! There's an office right at 425 Main Street, open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Even if you are not in town, you can still find your closest office by searching the Social Security Office Locator.

If the office is anything like the Middletown office, you will go in, get a number and wait a few minutes until they are ready for you. Just a head's up, there are no cell phones allowed. I learned that the hard way when the security guard told the woman next to me to put hers away, even though she had just taken it out to check the time!

The whole process is very fast. You will give the attendant your marriage certificate, a current ID and your completed SS-5 Form. She will ask that you verify the information and that your new name is spelled correctly. A minute or two later, you're done! You will be given a paper that says you filed for a name change on XYZ date. That's it!

You can then proceed to your local DMV to get a new license and update your registration. You will need to complete a License Change Request Form (E-78) and a Registration Affidavit. I lucked out again because Middletown has a small photo license center (again, right on Main Street!) so I didn't have to wait in line. I walked in, presented my two completed forms, handed them my marriage certificate and got a new photo taken for my license. 5 minutes later, I was done! Just a head's up, they do not let you keep your old license for nostalgia. I had really loved the picture on my old license. Oh well! Another fun fact is that this change, along with the change with Social Security is completely free!

From here, it is oficiall! You are now Mrs. (insert husband's last name)! Congratulations!

You can now complete the passport change and voter registration along with the secondary name change notifications such as your financial institutions, medical insurance, etc. There's even a handy check list on this website so that you can make sure you have notified all of the appropriate places.

Good luck!

Kristy Hughes
Event Coordinator
(Formally Kristy Klein) :)

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