Featured Wedding at the Wadsworth Mansion

Tyler & Jenny // Middletown, CT from FortyOneTwenty on Vimeo.

We posted this video under Jenny and Tyler's featured wedding post, but we love it so much we wanted it to have it's own permanent spot on the blog!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wadsworth Mansion Featured Wedding - Sarah & Matt

Congratulations to Sarah and Matt who were married on October 30th! They had a beautiful mascaraed theme wedding. Sarah and her mom Donna were dressed in gorgeous Victorian gowns and guests all had masks to go with the theme. Sarah was actually sworn in at the Mansion after the ceremony as an attorney by the judge who married them! Below are some of our favorite photos provided by their photographer, PowerStation Events.

And a couple of bonus photos taken by our Event Supervisor, Pat!

Catering by: Coastal Gourmet
Photography by: Powerstation Events

To view additional photos from their wedding, visit PowerStation's photos on facebook.

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